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It can be found where talent and passion collide.  It is a well-oiled machine, a tight ship, a calm sea – full speed and smooth sailing ahead.  It is the difference between a dentist and their team either loving or loathing their practice. The problem is, dentists didn’t go to school to learn how to run a tight ship – to make It work for them. They learned how to transform the lives of their communities through dentistry.  Yet their ships sail on, whether they’re at the helm, doing their best to keep It afloat, or not.  Adele Reische’s Get Results Workshop has been meticulously developed to address each dentist’s unique It in a collaborative group setting.  Each topic has been developed specifically to teach them what they need to know to endure and even enjoy the journey, as well as give them the right tools in hand to right their ships, right away. The Get Results works as a stand-alone 90 minute course, an in-depth half day workshop or a series of hands-on classes, addressing everything they didn’t know they would need to know in order to GET IT!

Adele Reische’s Get Results Workshop translates easily to stand-alone 90 minute courses, an in-depth half day workshop, or a series of hands-on classes meticulously developed to address each unique situation in a collaborative, group setting.  Each topic has been developed specifically to teach both dentists and team members what they need to know and give them the right tools in hand to right their ships, right away.  With the Get Results complete curriculum of stand alone topics, dentists will find themselves sailing smoothly.


Get Started

Morning Huddles That Work

A GREAT start to each and every day.  Get Started will show you and your team how:

  • Discover Huddle Objectives.
  • Create chart review checklist by department.
  • Add $$$ to your schedule and create team unity with effective morning huddles.

Get Active

Work Your Recall

Are your patients active, inactive, or just plain reluctant?  Get Active will challenge your belief of what 3 patient classifications really are: Active, Inactive, and Reluctant!

  • Learn what a Reluctant Patient is.
  • Learn the 3 classifications.
  • Keep team members and patients motivated.
  • Create a reliable recall system.

Get Acceptance

The First Impression Is It

Get Acceptance will show how investing time with the New Patient Experience can:

  • Revolutionize your practice.
  • Have a more organized and thorough approach.
  • Increase case acceptance.
  • Have New Patients referring their friends and family to you.

Get Going

Team Meetings That Work

Are you spending too much time on the same issues?  Get Going will inspire you to get results by:

  • Holding strategy-oriented meetings.
  • Creating total team participation.
  • Making your meetings work for you.
  • Improve your implementation rate.

Get Paid

Negotiating For A Win-Win

Take the simple steps that will lead to better relationships between you and your patients, especially when it’s about money!  Get Paid will:

  • Develop and take ownership of your internal credit guidelines.
  • Help each team member understand their role.
  • Improve verbal skills for financial arrangements.
  • Get it signed, sealed and delivered, with the paperwork to support your agreement.

Get Lucky

Build Your Perfect Team

Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t!  But with the right information, you can build & keep the perfect team.  Get Lucky will show you how to:

  • Make your own luck
  • Clarify your vision of the team you want to build.
  • Save time, money and hurt feelings.
  • Create the perfect interview questions.
  • Create training plans for success of new hires.
  • Create job descriptions and training plans that actually match.

Get Working

Work Your Numbers

Without accurate and timely information at hand, practice growth sputters.  Get Working’s fun and easy process will help you:

  • Discover simple strategies to hold successful numbers meetings.
  • Easily learn to identify what is and what is not working well within your practice.
  • Create Action Plans for success.
  • Keep the team involved to get results.

Get Control

Take Over Your Overhead

All too often, dentists pay themselves last, only after paying everything and everyone else.  Get Control will help you:

  • Develop a Chart of Accounts.
  • Analyze the Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Forecast expenses.
  • Pay yourself.

Upcoming Speaking Presentations:

  • Coming Soon…
  • June 16th 2017  “How to Fill the Holes in your Schedule With OUT Getting Blisters” Sunshine Event Center
  • June 16th Course Outline

Previous Speaking Presentations:

  • Get It Done Weekend – Minnesota – March 19-20, 2017
  • Golden Presenters – March 24-25, 2017
  • Sacramento District Dental Society Front Office Technology – 2/2015
  • Carestream user meeting 11/2008, 2/2009, 11/2010, 11/2014
  • Rolling Hill Study Club 6/2009, 9/2014
  • AADOM Webinar, 10/2011
  • Monthly Presentations, Sacramento Study Club, 5/2011 through 2013
  • Inspired Hygiene, 10/18/12
  • Dental Fest & Expo, North County Oral and Facial Surgery, 2/8/2013
  • Dental Fest & Expo, North County Oral and Facial Surgery, 2/10/2014



I could have listened to her all day.

John Sullivan DDS Springfield OR

Wished we could have had her longer.

Adam Grant DDS Fresno CA

Get Active is the best way to reach out to patients who have fallen through the cracks.  When Adele Reische first introduced the system to our practice there was some skepticism from the doctor. After a few month we decided that we would finally put Adele’s “Get Active” into place.  I have to admit that I was unsure about how well it would work, but after the last experience I was willing to give anything else a chance.  All I can say is….. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  Running our recare is so easy and fast now.  Having only 1-3  recare cards to print at a time, the entire process only takes me 15 minutes maximum and compared to the old method taking 35-45 minutes, I have more time to work on other things. No more overlapping report and getting number confused.  Adele’s recare system is something I look forward to doing on a weekly basis.  It’s funny how something so simple can make such a great difference in the way a job is perform.  I am so happy and would highly recommend Adele’s Get Active.

Rachel Hull Sacramento CA