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Adele Reische grew up in dentistry and has devoted over 30 years to the pursuit of excellence in the field of dental healthcare — you could say dentistry is her life! With insight and experience in every facet of running a successful dental practice, Adele brings a unique, contagious blend of passion, expertise and fun to coaching dental teams from surviving to THRIVING!

Step 1: Completion of a comprehensive Practice Analysis.
A practice analysis is a comprehensive, two-day process in which I work with you and your team to really delve into the detail and nature of your business to find out where improvements – if needed – may be made. The process begins with the completion (by you, the doctor) of an in-depth Questionnaire, which covers ALL of the following systems and procedures:

  • Practice profile structure work schedule facility,
  • Personal profile marketing assessment,
  • Internal marketing external marketing new patient worksheet,
  • Systems assessment appointment scheduling payment arrangements practice safeguards recare,
  • Huddles and staff meetings new patient examination charting computer system,
  • Performance tracking fee assessment performance tracking worksheet: office production,
  • Performance tracking worksheet: doctor production,
  • Performance tracking worksheet: hygiene production,
  • Performance tracking worksheet: collections for doctor,
  • Personnel expense,
  • Expense history and projection,
  • Expense questions,
  • Staff questionnaire.

Step 2: Commitment to one or all of the following options:

  • Annual planning & goal-setting session (time commitment: one day per year).
  • A comprehensive Coaching program,

Step 3.  Ongoing phone consultation, for immediate, short-term Coaching needs.