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Sitting in a course on how to become the CEO of your office was when the transformation of my practice and life as a dentist started, because this is where I met Adele Reische.  Looking for direction on getting a handle on my finances and organizational skills to run my business, is what peaked my interest in this three hour CE course through the dental society.  Little did I know my path with Adele Reische would begin here?  It has been over five years that Adele and I agreed to have her come on as my practice consultant.  Adele has helped us put protocols in place, start weekly meetings that include action plans, numbers and team trainings, going paperless, as well as organize morning huddles.  We would never have been able to grow like we have without Adele’s knowledge and guidance.  I am proud to say that it has been two years since we moved to a new location that is twice the size we were, and now I am looking at bringing on a partner to help with the growth of our successful practice. I have to admit, that after working with Adele for a couple of years, I thought, it was time to stop the consulting.  I wouldn’t even consider this an option now, as we are always working on the challenges that come up with continued growth.

One of our favorite times of the year for the practice is going out on Adele’s houseboat and having our team retreat!  What a fun, morale booster this has become!  I can honestly say, I couldn’t imagine practicing dentistry without Adele, and I plan to keep her in our practice for many years to come.

Kimberly J. Anderson, DDS, Davis, Ca

After I opened my own practice, I asked Adele to help.  Looking back, that was one of the smartest moves I have ever made.  I went to dental school to be the best dentist I could be so I could help people.  I did not have the experience or knowledge on how to run a business and lead a team.  Adele and Synergy Practice Management provided me with the tools to grow a new practice.  Adele has helped me in many areas:  improve communication, build a great team, and increase   production and collections.

Our team is always a work in progress and Adele continues to partner with us.  She guides us and works with each team member to create systems that work for our office, she does not give us a cookie cutter recipe.  She wants us to succeed and is there by our side.

David S. Yasuda, DDS, Sacramento, California

Adele made THE DIFFERENCE…..We enjoyed a marked increase of 38% over the first year.  We are on target to maintain the growth with more personal time off.  She has skillfully molded the exiting team to accept the changes with very little resistance.  I encourage my peers to rust her instincts and let her guide you to a better balance within your practice/life.

Michael Bambico DDS San Jose CA

Adele’s constant support and enthusiasm was contagious for our team members.  They wanted to change because of the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ that Adele showed us…. Every one of the team members are now thinking out of the box.

Kevin McCurry DDS Sheridan, WY

Adele’s valuable wealth of knowledge and hands on approach was instrumental in taking our practice to the net level… she keeps challenging us as we continue to grow

Marwan Atrouni, DDS San Francisco, CA

Adele has an excellent command of dentistry.  She communicates well with team members to bring vision, unity, and success to our practice.

Rod Kellogg DDS Fresno CA

Regardless of the task, Adele is completely focused, efficient and methodical in achieving the maximum result.

Adam Grant DDS Fresno, CA

My practice has worked with Adele for 9 years.  Adele has provided excellent coaching and given us a lot of great advice!  As the office manager, learning and understanding our monthly numbers has been invaluable.  We were very excited to move into a brand new office in November 2010, but with our move came the expected jitters and concerns about our financial stability.  Adele addressed those concerns by training me how to monitor our monthly numbers.  Each month our team has a meeting to discuss our monthly production and goals, accounts receivable and aging, new patient and existing patient case acceptance and unfilled hours.  This information shows us our strengths and weaknesses clearly.  The meetings are a time for the team to celebrate our strengths, discuss any weaknesses and then create an action plan to address any weakness, ensuring we continue to thrive.  This knowledge is priceless!  Our entire team is able to keep our focus on patient care because we no longer have to worry if the practice is financially secure or if we are doing enough to remain successful…the numbers don’t lie!


Kimberly Anderson DDS, Davis California

Adele Riesche has been working closely with our practice for several years. She has been one of the key elements in helping our practice to constantly grow and evolve. Her direct approach to setting goals, and providing us with the tools to achieve our goals has been one of the keys to our success. Her commitment to our office and each individual team member has helped us grow into a large, modern, and efficient practice that we are all extremely proud of.


Dr. Rod Kellogg & Dr. Adam Grant Fresno, CA

Adele Reische not only has an incredible amount of Dental Knowledge, she also has an infectious, wonderful energy. She has helped us as an office to get to where we are. A successful, streamlined, professional office having Fun providing top notch Dentistry.    



Dr. Rod Kellogg & Dr. Adam Grant Fresno, CA

Adele Reische has been a tremendous change agent for our office. Her huge amount of dental knowledge and personal experience of working in a dental office provide a strong foundation as a Coach and practice management expert. Adele has helped our team set goals, create results and realize our potential. She consistently guides us in practical ways and motivates us to push ourselves with her enthusiasm and care. Within one year’s time, our production and collection has more than doubled!  She has helped us to build a great team and provide an environment that our team, our patients, and I want to be in every day. Adele is an excellent wealth of knowledge – she is the real deal!!!


Dr. Rod Kellogg & Dr. Adam Grant Fresno, CA

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