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Let’s Grow Your Dental Practice from Surviving to THRIVING!

You’ve got the skills, experience and passion to bring superior dental care to your community — but a lot more goes into running a successful dental practice. How do you get patients through your door and retain them? How do you build and maintain a dedicated team that’s a well-oiled machine? How do you increase case acceptance, organize an effective team meeting, successfully integrate new hires?

Adele Reische of Synergy Practice Management will help you Get Results! With over 30 years of experience in dentistry, management and speaking, Adele brings a unique blend of training, support and insight to your practice to coach you through the shift from surviving to THRIVING! Find out for yourself why practices like Dr. Rod Kellogg & Dr. Adam Grant’s team are calling Adele “one of the key elements in helping our practice to constantly grow and evolve” and raving about her “infectious, wonderful energy.”

Get Results

Based on convenient, action-based modules, Synergy Practice Management’s Get Results Workshop is dynamic and easily tailored to your practice’s needs. Dial in just the right program with a stand-alone 90-minute course, an in-depth half-day workshop, or a series of hands-on classes. Adele will rally your troops to action, engaging everyone on your dental team as they work together to effect positive change and growth for the entire practice.

Need to build or unify your team? Try our Get Started or Get Lucky programs. Need to grow or solidify your patient base? You need the Get Active or Get Acceptance modules! We’ve got answers to all of your questions, whether you’re trying to manage overhead, improve communication skills, or create a reliable recall system. Explore our complete list of popular programs and call or email us to get started.

Not quite sure what your dental practice needs? Call or email us today to get started with a Comprehensive Practice Analysis. Get Adele and let’s get going and Get Results!